Solar Courtyard Lamp

Date:29 July 2012 Tags:,

Using stored solar power to illuminate your property at night makes a lot of sense, but let’s face it, some of the systems on the market are clearly inspired by function rather than form. On the other hand, the Solar Courtyard Lamp will undoubtedly get an approving nod from the “green” fashion police.

The cast aluminium lamp houses 66 super-bright LEDs that collectively deliver a useful 400 lumens, illuminating a radius of about 10 metres. The battery/panel box, formed from high-quality ABS plastic, can be pole-mounted (pole not included) or installed on any vertical surface. An 18-volt, 556 mA 10 W panel delivers solar energy to a 12V 7Ah lead acid rechargeable battery. The system is designed to reduce the power output by 50 per cent after five hours of continuous operation in order to save battery power; it also features an automatic day/night switch.

Price for the model shown here: about R1 500. Contact The Green Shop on 021-791 0821 or visit


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