Sony brings back the Walkman for its 40th anniversary

Date:3 October 2019 Author: Imogen Searra

To celebrate turning 40, Sony has released a new version of it’s classic portable music player.

Sony released the first portable cassette player, the TPS-L2 Walkman in 1979. The invention revolutionised the way we listen to music today.

Variations of the classic Walkman have been made and released since it inception, but the 40th anniversary addition is something special.

The Sony NW-A100TPS Walkman has a 40th anniversary logo and it comes with a special casing and package. The casing is a nod to the original TPS-L2 Walkman.

According to Sony, there will also be releasing a cheaper version without any 40th anniversary branding, called the Sony NW-A105 Walkman.

According to WGNTV, The Walkman will be powered by Android and comes with various features. Firstly it won’t require you to use old-school cassette tapes, rather working more like an mp3. It will have an S-Master HX digital amplifier to reduce distortion and deliver high-resolution audio. There will also be a DSEE HX processor, to upscale compressed audio and a vinyl processor to give digital tracks a vinyl charm.

The battery life will last up to 26 hours, more than most smartphones and will include a USB-C port. The cost and release date of the Walkman hasn’t officially been announced.

Take a trip down memory lane with Sony’s 40th Anniversary video below


Image: Twitter

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