Sony provides a first look at the PS5 user interface

Date:16 October 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

As we draw closer to the PlayStation 5 official release, Sony is slowly but surely releasing more and more information surrounding the new console. Yesterday, 15 October, Sony finally provided gamers with an update regarding the all-important PS5 user interface.

Those looking for a complete overhaul of the user interface will be slightly let down, as Sony has decided to go with an iteration of the PS4’s user interface for its new console. While the tried and tested home carousel is still present, there is a new control centre that provides users with quick access to the console’s new features.

The control center and home screen both feature new ‘cards’ that display things like game milestones and “opportunities”. These cards will also show your level progression for certain games, but also give you the option to view guides and hints for when you’re stuck on a game and don’t know how to progress any further. You will, however, have to be a PlayStation Plus member to access this feature.

Sony also briefly showcased the PS5 version of the PlayStation Store, which is now completely integrated into the PS5 system, instead of just being a stand-alone application. The home screen also features a new ‘Explore Section’ which provides users with a mixture of stories and updates from PlayStation, games you play, and the PS5 community as a whole. The ability to message and take screenshots has also been improved, making it much faster to capture and share your favourite moments.

Take a look at a full breakdown of the PS5 user interface below:

Picture: Screenshot from video

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