Sony’s HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer

Date:29 July 2012 Tags:, ,

Immersing yourself in a movie or game takes on a whole new meaning when you’re wearing Sony’s HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer. Warning: this is a seriously addictive piece of kit. Once slipped on your noggin, it whisks you away to a virtual world that simulates a full-size (19 m) movie screen viewed from a distance of 20 metres. You also get four surround sound modes (cinema, game, music and standard) to further boggle your senses.

It features two OLED screens that display HD video independently, largely eliminating cross-talk and blurring for more comfortable 3D viewing. Because it uses OLED displays, you not only get a broader range of colours and brighter images, but also a super-fast response time of just 0,01 milliseconds, making it ideal for fast-paced sports or hard-core gaming. A processor unit allows you to connect to Blu-ray disc players, PlayStation 3 consoles and other devices.

Price: about R9 000. Contact Sony SA on 011-690 3555 or visit


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