• South African Hacker Targets Government Websites

    Date:3 September 2018 Author: Asheeqah Howa Tags:, ,

    According to News24 a hacker hacked the Department of Labour’s website (in a 10.4 second attack) in an effort to, in his mind, bring to light the corruption and greed within the South African government. The hacker followed that up with hacking the SA Express’s website, which was down for a day.

    Going by the twitter handle Paladin (@VirusSec), the hacker has taken credit for several previous cyberattacks such as the one on the Presidency, the department of Environmental Affairs and Cybersecurity hub. In a direct message to News 24 he stated he was carrying out these attacks because “the current South African government is greedy, and it needs to change”.

    The hacker has also stated that a full scale attack was imminent on a website of the hacker’s choice and that Paladin would also be targeting Nigerian and Zimbabwean websites too.