South Africans love live events and politics, says Twitter

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As 2015 speedily draws to a close, Twitter Inc. has released the top South African Twitter trends of the year. And it’s quite obvious South Africans love live events. Whether it’s politics, talent shows or sport – if it’s live, we love it.

The top five news Twitter trends for 2015:

The top two “live” news events this year were the student-backed #FeesMustFall campaign and the State of the Nation address. Students protesting against fee increases certainly wasn’t exclusive to South Africa, either: students around the world echoed local opinions on tertiary education fees. Another hot topic locally was the President’s 2015 State of the Nation address – particularly when it was discovered that a signal jamming device was being used that effectively blacked out news media.

1. Fees Must Fall – #FeesMustFall
2. SONA2015 – #SONA2015
3. NationalShutdown – #NationalShutdown
4. AskMmusi –  #AskMmusi
5. Loadshedding – #Loadshedding

The top five sport Twitter trends for 2015:

As a nation of sport lovers, South Africans took to Twitter to discuss not only the Rugby World Cup and the Protea’s performance against India, but also to support the ABSA Premiership and the Manchester United football club.

1. RWC2015 (@rugbyworldcup)  – #RWC2015
2. ProteaFire (@officialCSA) – #ProteaFire
4. AbsaPrem – #AbsaPrem
5. SuperRugby (@superrugby) – #SuperRugby

The top five television Twitter trends for 2015:

Television continued the “live” viewing trend, with overwhelming support for reality shows Big Brother and Idols, affirming (if it wasn’t already blindingly obvious) that reality shows are the preferred viewing of South Africans. The drama series Skeem Saam and Uzalo are also firm favourites.

1. BB Mzansi – (@BBMzansi) – #BBMzansi
2. Idols SA (@IdolsSA) – #IdolsSA
3. Skeem Saam – (@SkeemSaam3) – #SkeemSaam
4. Date My Family – #DateMyFamily
5. Uzalo – (@Uzalo_SABC1) – #Uzalo

The top Twitter trend for 2015: 😂

Regardless of whether you call them smileys or emojis, 2015 was the year of the pictograph representing tears of joy. 😂 This little face was the most communicated on Twitter. Last year was crowned by Twitter as the Year of the Selfie, with selfies being the top trend.

The tears of joy emoji was also named the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year last month. They attributed this to the sharp rise of its popularity from 2014. The emoji made up 20% of all emojis used in the UK, and 17 % of those used in the US.

The top influential Twitter trend for 2015:

We all remember the dress that was either blue and black or white and gold. Whether you were in the #BlueandBlack or the #WhiteandGold camp, more than 4,4 million Tweets debated the true colour of the dress.

If you’re still unsure about the colour, or what the the science behind the illusion is, watch this video by Asap Science:

If you’d like to read more about 2015 on Twitter, check out the brand new website, where Twitter sums up the year that’s about to come to a close.

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