SpaceX re-launch of Falcon 9 with successful landing

Date:17 December 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

SpaceX sent it’s 11th Falcon 9 rocket with a twice-used booster to deliver the Kacific and SKY Perfect JSAT satellite into orbit.

The launch was a success, with the satellite being delivered into orbit where it will deliver internet service to 25 countries in the South Pacific.

According to, the satellite weighs 6,956 kilograms and is equipped with 56 high-power beams that will provide mobile and broadband services from space. The satellite is owned by Singapore-based startup, Kacific Broadband Satellites, and Japanese broadband provider Sky Perfect JSAT.

Currently the ku-band coverage is cobbled together from free time on nearby satellites, but a dedicated satellite would improve it’s quality in the region.

“Most people [across the South Pacific] have access to iPads and smartphones, but are just waiting for the technology — meaning internet service — to arrive to live better lives,” Christian Patouraux, Kacific’s CEO and founder, told 

In addition to providing lifts for satellites into space, the purpose of these SpaceX missions is to test and prove the re-usability of their rocket boosters.

The Falcon 9 returned to the drone shop, Of Course I still Love You, situated in the Atlantic Ocean 8 minutes after the launch.

Image: SpaceX/Twitter



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