Split-screen gaming to be available for PCs

Date:22 October 2019 Author: Lucinda Dordley

Valve has now launched a beta version of ‘Remote Play Together’ that will allow Steam users to play local shared/split-screen games online. This will mean that the host of the session must own the game being played, and other gamers will have to connect to the host’s game via the Steam Remote Play streaming technology.

To access the feature, the player will have to join the Steam beta first. Once this is done, the player can simply enter the game and launch a local multiplayer session. The game host can then invite their friends over to a session by right-clicking on their name on the friend list and choosing “Remote Play Together”. According to Valve, all of the invited friends’ controllers will function as they are directly connected to the host’s computer, and all voice and audio options will be available via a single control panel.

Valve added that while hosting a Remote Play Together session, the friends will be able to access the host’s game window, but not their personal data or desktop.

The Remote Play Together will allow gamers to play across Mac, PC and Linux devices.

Valve has noted that during the beta period, it would be focusing on improving network stability and compatibility across a variety of hardware.

Picture: Pixabay

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