Starlink’s Internet satellites will enter beta testing soon

Date:15 July 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Elon Musk’s ambitious Starlink satellite internet service is rumoured to be launching in beta in the near future, according to reports by Reddit users who have signed up for early access to the service.

The Starlink internet service aims to provide a high-speed internet connection to people around the world through a ‘constellation of satellites’, according to My Broadband.

The constellation of satellites, which weigh around 260kg, will provide users with internet speeds between 25ms and 35ms. The satellites also feature a compact, flat-panel design to minimize the amount of space real estate they take up.

Users who initially expressed interest in the satellite internet service provided Startlink with their ZIP codes. Now, they’ve been notified via email that Starlink is officially accepting physical addresses, instead of just providing only their ZIP codes, hinting to the possibility that the service is ready to begin operations.

“The Starlink team is now accepting addresses at, which will improve our ability to provide location-specific updates as our network develops,” the company said in an email update that was later posted to Reddit.

The email then confirmed that the service will be entering a beta, “Starlink private beta begins this summer with a public beta to follow. If you are signed up for updates, we will notify you if beta testing opportunities become available in your area.”

However, users weren’t satisfied with the limited information in the email, which led them to data-mine the Starlink website and uncover more information about the upcoming beta. According to the data they found, the beta will kick-off in the USA and Canada, depending on the user’s location and their view of the northern sky.

“Your Starlink dish requires a clear view of the northern sky in order to communicate with the Starlink satellites. Without a clear view, the Starlink dish cannot make a good connection and your service will be extremely poor,” the information states.

Users who able to access the private beta will be sent a Starlink dish, power supply, and mount via international shipping.

Image:Twitter/ @Tesmanian_com


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