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USB-P4V Skype Phone
Date:31 August 2009

USB-P4V Skype Phone

After a hard day slogging away at your workstation, you might not be inclined to plonk yourself in front of your home PC to chat to Granny in Alaska via Skype. Here’s a useful option: settle down in your favourite armchair and do it in comfort, using your USB-P4V Skype Phone with built-in webcam.

It’s a pretty cool product. Features include echo cancellation and noise reduction software, a long and flexible gooseneck for easy adjustment, a large backlit LCD screen (displaying the incoming caller’s Skype ID, call duration and more), and a full-duplex speakerphone that’s ideal for conference calls. Price: R490. Contact PC Mall on 0860 726 255 or visit

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