The Storm Kettle: boil up a storm

Date:23 April 2012 Tags:

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing cuppa to revive flagging spirits when you’ve been roughing it. The Storm Kettle (Original) provides a distinctly retro yet effective way to boil water while you’re “out there”.

Here’s how it works: you light a small fire in the detachable base, using newspaper or dry grass, and add some small twigs. Once the fire is going, you can add larger twigs, pine cones or even dried cattle dung to fuel the flame. The 1,5-litre aluminium kettle, featuring a double skin with a chimney in the centre, is then placed on the base. As the heat from the fire passes through the centre of the kettle, the water comes to the boil (it happens impressively quickly). If you need to add fuel, all you need do is pop it down the chimney. There’s also a circular hole in the base that you can face into the wind to create extra draught. The kettle is imported from the UK by demand, so you’ll need to allow 14 days for delivery. Price: about R1 100 (depending on the exchange rate). Contact iwarehouse on 0861 237 467 or visit

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