Stuffits: pong begone

Date:29 July 2012 Tags:,

You may be able to live with footwear that accommodates multiple generations of odorous bacteria, but it could be tough on the rest of the household. Enter Stuffitts, a drying system for shoes that kills odours caused by perspiration and the depredations of the elements (you know, like rain).

It’s suitable for all types of shoes, including boots. What makes Stuffits so effective is specially processed red cedar inserts – described by the distributors as a natural drying material with antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. The firmly compacted cedar fill retains its functionality even when compressed, drying out when exposed to fresh air. They can be used on a daily basis for up to a year before the inserts need to be replaced.

Price: about R300. Contact distributors PortiTrex on 021-981 6444 or visit


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