Supa Sola Lamp: Sun power

Date:24 May 2013 Tags:

Campers and other outdoors-loving folk who enjoy their gadgets and think grid power is evil (it’s not, really) may want to check out the locally developed Supa Sola Lamp. This multifaceted device functions as a reading lamp, torch, FM radio and alarm. The rechargeable 1 500 mAh polymerlithium battery can be charged via two solar panels (one is housed inside the base), hand crank or mains power.

Attached to its base, it works like your average desk lamp, providing enough light to illuminate a tent or small room for an entire night. Whip it off the base and, hey presto! – you’ve got a torch. The Supa Sola Lamp will charge most smartphones as well as digital cameras (it comes with a variety of jacks, including microUSB). The FM radio lets you catch that important game, and the emergency alarm is just the thing for scaring off inquisitive lions (you’d be surprised where they lurk). Price: about R550.

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