Super Mini Booster

Date:11 September 2013 Tags:

Nothing quite ruins a weekend away like a flat battery. Fortunately, whether you’re trying to start your vehicle, jet ski or boat, the Super Mini Booster will come to your rescue. This diminutive jump start pack – it measures a mere 16 x 16,5 x 14 cm – delivers an instant 1 200 amps to kick-start anything from 7-litre 12 V petrol to 4-litre 12 V diesel engines. Two integrated super bright LEDs help you see what you’re doing under the bonnet or, in rapid flash mode, help attract assistance in emergencies. The unit’s power outlet can be used to juice up accessories such as spotlights, air compressors, DVD players, electric cooler boxes and the like. Price: about R2 500. Contact Graham McKenzie on 083 235 0765 or visit

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