Surface Studio zones in on Mac’s design territory

  • Microsoft Surface Studio with all the peripherals, including the Surface Dial. Image credit: Microsoft
  • A rear view of the Microsoft Surface Studio. Image credit: Microsoft
  • The collapsed form of the Surface Studio. Image credit: Microsoft
  • The Surface Studio before it collapses. Image credit: Microsoft
  • A front view of the Microsoft Surface Studio. Image credit: Microsoft
  • Microsoft Surface Studio has a touch screen with better-than 4K display. Image credit: Microsoft
  • It's an adjustable PC for professionals with a sleek design. Image credit: Microsoft
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Move over Mac, Microsoft’s Surface Studio also wants a slice of the design pie. The technology giant has unveiled a slew of products, peripherals and software that aims to give users greater access to creative tools.

Chief among these is the sleek Surface Studio: a 28-inch, touch screen PC that is fitted with a hinge to allow users to adjust the display’s angle. The PC has an aluminium enclosure that houses the world’s thinnest LCD – and at 12,5 millimeters it sure is thin. Its LCD is capable of displaying 13,5 million pixels of true-to-life colour – yes, that makes it better than 4K. (And most of us don’t even have that yet.)

Surface Studio is reminiscent of a graphite tablet with its touch screen capabilities and adjustable height. Simultaneously it seems to be a next-level iMac – if not only for its styling. The computer also offers some interesting peripherals, such as the Surface Dial which gives the user more control over zoom and scroll while doubling up as a colour palette accessory once placed on to the screen.

Will we have Surface Studio?

Surface Studio is mightily impressive with its graphite tablet-esque drawing capabilities and design that is more than reminiscent of the iconic iMac. Sadly this might beast comes with a hefty price tag starting at $2 999 (about R40 000) and no sure sign of coming to our corner of the world.

Meet the Surface peripherals

Now what is a new PC without new gadgets? Microsoft also released an interesting collection of peripherals. These include:

Surface Mouse and Surface Keyboard

The lightweight mouse and keyboard are designed to pair seamlessly with Surface devices. These wireless peripherals echo the Surface design aesthetic with their blend of greys and simplistic design. The keyboard keys are soft touch keys, meaning typing is responsive and quiet simultaneously.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft has revived their iconic ergonomic keyboard design once again for the Surface range. The wireless two-tone keyboard’s wrist support is fitted with a grey mélange fabric called Alcantara – a blend of polyester and polyurethane. The material is said to have a similar feeling to suede and is often used in automotive manufacturing for its hardiness.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Surface Dial and Surface Pen

The Surface Dial is an ingenious navigation tool. It reportedly allows users to use application with more speed than the traditional “click-and-hold” functionality. The Surface Dial can also interaction with the touch screen technology (watch the video above to see it in action).
Compatible with the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, and Surface 3 and all-new Surface Studio, the aptly named pen gives you the ability to write, erase and mark-up on digital documents. It also comes with compatible tips in various sizes for digital illustration.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Surface Studio tech specs

28-inch PixelSense™ display
i5/i7 Intel® Core™ processor (model dependent)
Up to 4GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU
Up to 32 GB RAM
Up to 2 TB storage (model dependent)

Check it out! Watch the nostalgic and memorizing video above for a preview of the Surface Studio and its capabilities. And take a look at the attaches images showcasing all the surface peripherals also.


Images and video credit: Microsoft

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