Don’t sweat it: Pinion rotary shifter

Date:9 May 2013 Tags:

Fed up with derailleur gears that keep shedding the chain? Unwilling to compromise with a rear hub-mounted box that offers fewer ratios and adds weight in the wrong place? With the centre-mounted Pinion rotary shifter, both individual and multiple gearshifts can be made with split-second precision.

According to the manufacturer, the shifter provides direct feedback when switching sprockets, allowing the rider to “sense” the right moment to shift gears. You get 18 real gears with even steps of 11,5 per cent between ratios and an overall gear ratio of 636 per cent – more than any derailleur system or hub gear.

Immune to such nasties as stretched cables and damaged cable housings, the system features a ruggedly built, sealed housing that protects the gearbox from dirt and damage, and offers extremely low maintenance. The transmission operates in an oil bath (using biodegradable oil, naturally) and is designed to last for at least 60 000 km.

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