• Take a social break with Facebook ‘Quiet Mode’

    Date:14 April 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

    Facebook will be rolling out a quiet mode feature. This will allow users to mute notifications, letting them have more control.

    With millions of people stuck at home, there has been an uptick in social media use. While this is helpful in keeping people connected, these sites also have an effect on a persons anxiety and stress levels.

    When the mode is active, most push notifications will be quieted and users will be alerted to the mode when they open the app.

    Users will be able to set the mode manually, either once off or on a schedule. This means users could turn to quiet mode at the same time each day. This can be updated through the ‘Your time on Facebook’ section of the site.

    “As we all adjust to new routines and staying home, setting boundaries for how you spend your time online can be helpful. Whether it’s to help you focus on your family and friends, sleep without distraction or manage how you spend your time at home, we have tools that can help you find the right balance for how you use Facebook,” said the company’s ongoing COVID-19 information blog post.

    The company hasn’t said which notifications won’t be silenced, but did explain these are likely to include privacy updates and other legally required notifications.

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