TCL will no longer make BlackBerry phones

Date:4 February 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:,

In 2010 BlackBerry had a total of 18.8 million people using its devices in the US, in 2019 that number dropped down to just 500,000 users. Now, things are getting even worse for the smartphone conglomerate as TCL, the company which agreed to produce BlackBerry-branded Android phones in 2016 announced it will no longer be making BlackBerry devices.

The announcement was made via a statement tweeted out by Blackberry mobile, stating that TLC no longer has the rights to sell, manufacture, or design BlackBerry smartphones anymore. Previously, the agreement stated that TCL had the right to release BlackBerry-branded handsets featuring the iconic keyboard, which BlackBerry has several patents for, and in turn, BlackBerry Limited provided the devices with apps and a security-enhanced version of the Android operating system for the devices.

What this means for BlackBerry is that the Key 2 LE, released in 2018 will officially be the last phone TCL will produce for BlackBerry. This means the future of BlackBerry is once again left in limbo, but this doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t see a new BlackBerry device in the future. The brand might not be as popular as it once was, but having a highly recognisable name and loyal fanbase could tempt a company to snatch up the global license.

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