Teen saved from seizures by online gaming

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Despite what many might say about the negative effects of online gaming one teen from the UK might not be around to tell the tale if it weren’t for his love of online games.

Young Aidan Jackson (17) from Widnes, UK was playing an online game with a friend from Texas, USA on January 2, 2020, when he was struck by violent seizures. While Jackson’s parents were downstairs in their lounge just a few meters away they did not realise he was in danger.

Thanks to the quick actions of his 20-year-old gaming friend Dia Lathora, Jackson lives to the tell the tale of the faithful evening that could have claimed his life.

Lathora realised that Jackson was experiencing difficulty and immediately contacted the police in the UK over 8,000km away from her to come to his rescue.

Jackson’s parents were still sitting downstairs watching TV when police vehicles rushed up to their home.

Aidan and his mother.

“I assumed they were in the area for another reason and then they ran up to the front door. They said there was an unresponsive male at the address. We said we hadn’t called anyone and they said a call had come from America. I immediately went to check on Aidan and found him extremely disorientated,”said Aidan’s mother to Liverpool Echo.

This was not the first time Aidan had experience seizures as he had an episode just a few months earlier in May of 2019.

“We are extremely thankful for what Dia did and shocked that we could be downstairs and not know anything was happening. Dia had our address but didn’t have any contact numbers, so it was amazing she managed to get help from so far away,” Ms Jackson added.

According to Lathora she heard what sounded like a seizure and she acted quickly out of concern, “I just put my headset back on and I heard what I could only describe as a seizure, so obviously I started to get worried and immediately started asking what was going on and if he was OK. When he didn’t respond I instantly started to look up the emergency number for the EU. When that didn’t work I just had to hope the non-emergency would work, it had an option for talking to a real person…and I can’t tell you how quickly I clicked that button.”

There’s a saying that goes “a gamer is never alone” and this incident seems to prove that there’s always another gamer there in your time of need.

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