Ten best tech presents under R5,000

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Looking for some holiday gifting inspiration? Or want to find something to hint at when next discussing Christmas? Here are a few suggestions when it comes to holiday gifts, all of which are both fun and practical.



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It looks like the end of the year is going to be one remembered for intermittent electricity as Eskom struggles to keep the lights on. So make sure you and your loved ones are never without a backup with a powerbank.

We reccomend: Romoss Sense 6 20000mAh Power Bank at R699

2.Wireless headphones


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While the Apple Airpods are the gold standard at the moment when it comes to wireless headphones, not all of us are willing to fork-out the R4,000 fee. There are cheaper options on the market which will make using headphones while running, walking or just sitting at your desk much more enjoyable without the frustrating cable.

We recommend: JBL C45BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones at R999

3.Smart watch 


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Smart watches are becoming staples on almost everyone’s wrists. Whether you actually use it for fitness or not, these tech accessories make working and keeping your life up-to-date easier. Kick off 2020 right with a watch that will keep you on time and healthier.

We recommend: Fitbit Versa 2 at R3,989

4.Virtual assistant


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Virtual assistants have caused a lot of controversy, with some finding them helpful additions to a household while others are worried by their possible capacity to spy on us. Concerning data breaches aside, these assistants take the effort out of having multiple devices and integrate with those you already own.

We recommend: Amazon Echo dot R1,249

5.Gaming console


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There are many to choose from but this year’s best release has got to be the Nintendo Switch Lite. This smaller version of the Nintendo Switch provides similar functionality with increased probability, meaning you can play anywhere. In addition, being portable it will hold it’s charge for a few hours of fun while you wait for the electricity to come back on.

We recommend: Nintendo Switch Lite at R3,999

6.Smart Garden


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Growing your own plants and herbs is always a fun idea but sometimes not all of us are gifted with a green thumb. The Smart Garden takes the responsibility out of your hands, making sure your plants have the correct amount of sunlight, water and nutrients.

We recommend: Click & Grow Smart Garden at R3,999

7.Bluetooth speakers


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Nothing is better than chilling by the pool with a refreshing drink, your friends and some music playing. That’s why a set of bluetooth speakers are a must-have. Easily portable and able to work even when load shedding strikes, these will keep you entertained even if you’re sitting in the dark.

We recommend: JBL Flip 3 Black Edition at R1,399.



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There are millions of options when it comes to camera equipment to gift. Consider the skill level of the person you’re buying a gift for, where and how they are taking these photos or videos and what would be the easiest for them to get around. For almost everyone, from camera newbie to professional photographer, one of the best options is the GoPro. More affordable and user-friendly than big DSLR’s, it also allows footage to be captured in many different kinds of environments.

We recommend: GoPro Hero 7 at R3,489

9.Virtual game


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While old-school board games are fun, they are quite limited. Virtual games, like those that use augmented reality, take the versatility of games on your phone and allows you to physically interact with what’s happening on screen.

We recommend: Merge Cube at R349



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Smartphones have become a must-have item, whether it’s because they can connect with their appliances or because most forms of communication are now through apps only found on these clever devices. While the latest Apple of Samsung device might be well beyond your price range, there are other smartphone options out there to chose from.

We recommend: Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 64GB at R4,999

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