Tern Bicycles compact bikes

Date:22 November 2012 Tags:, ,

Folding bicycles are still relatively rare in this country, but Tern Bicycles’ extensive range of compact pedal machines is about to change all that. You can keep one in your car’s boot for zipping around town during your lunch hour, or take it to work and store it under your desk to avoid tripping colleagues on their way to the water cooler. So you live in a cramped flat? No problem: you’ll easily find a place to keep it.

What makes Tern’s bikes stand out is the specially forged hinges for the two folding joints. This nifty bit of engineering ensures that the frames remain stable while being ridden, yet remain easy to collapse and fold when the need arises. The bikes range in size from the 20- inch Link D8 to the 26-inch Joe C21. Prices start at about R4 000 for the entry level Link C7 and go up to R10 000 for the Link P7i commuter model. Contact Camissa Bicycles on 082 921 8855 or visit www.ternbicycles.com/za

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