• Tesla AutoPilot fails in spectacular fashion

    Date:3 June 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    Tesla has been at the forefront of self driving vehicles ever since it launched the AutoPilot feature on the Model S in 2014. Unfortunately, even with a system as refined as Telsa’s, things often go wrong.

    One example of Tesla’s AutoPilot system failing its driving took place in Taiwan this weekend. Footage captured by highway camera’s show the exact moment a Telsa travelling at around 110 kph collided with an overturned truck.

    The driver of the Tesla, who has been identified as Mr. Huang, did not sustain any life threatening injuries. The same cannot be said for his vehicle.

    Huang insists that he hit the brakes when it became clear that his vehicles autopilot wasn’t going to swerve away from an overturned truck. Thanks to the video footage captured by highway cameras, his claims can be backed up.

    In the video, you can clearly see a plume of smoke come from the wheels as he tried to take manual control. Unfortunately, due to the speed at which he travelling, there simply wasn’t enough distance between himself and the overturned truck to stop in time.

    Tesla has yet to comment on this incident, though it does raise concern over the safety of its AutoPilot system. Even if Huang was not paying full attention to the road while the system was engaged, it should have been able to detect an object as large as an overturned truck and react accordingly.

    What makes this incident differ from other Telsa AutoPilot related accidents is the fact that there is proof the driver was paying attention to the road and took manual control of the vehicle but still ended up in a head-on collisions with a stationary object. This points to much larger problem in the AutoPilot system which Tesla will hopefully investigate before a more fatal accident occurs.

    Take a look at the accident below:

    Image: Screenshot

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