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My relationship with my work mouse is complicated. For starters, I work on a Mac and despise the iMac mouse. Even the nice one. Now understand that I also don’t like wireless peripherals that use a dongle. If my machine is already Bluetooth capable, why can’t I just use that connection? I also hate using a mouse pad. Yes, I’m hard to please. Razer’s Mamba Chroma doesn’t need a mousepad. It does, however, use a dongle for wireless functionality, but it doubles as a charging stand. I can also ignore it and cable tether the device and forego the whole wireless idea. I can customise the colour of the LED racing stripes and even adjust the clickability of the two buttons at the turn of a tiny Allen key.

It’s ergonomic enough that my hand doesn’t notice and the harshness of the scratchy plastic on the top is offset by the snakeskin-like pads where your thumb and ring finger rest. This snakeskin texture extends to the rubber on the wheel which can roll and move side to side for rapid scrolling. This is a premium gaming mouse and it shows in its response (instantaneous) and the quality of the laser tracking (invisible,16 000 dpi); and I really haven’t done it justice because I don’t play games where the lack of lag really makes a difference. It has been a significant upgrade from my IT – provided unit and I have a good chuckle every time a co-worker needs new batteries for their wireless mouse.

Razer Mamba Chroma – Just the facts:
Sensor: 16 000 dpi, 5G
Response: 1 000 Hz ultrapolling, 1 millisecond response
Cord: 2,1 m braided fibre, micro USB
Battery life: 20 hours continuous use (claimed)
R2 500, razerzone.com

Razer Mamba Chroma – Test notes:
With 16,8 million hues to choose from, the Chroma lighting can be any colour you want.

This article was originally published in the April 2016 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.

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