The BelfieStick is exactly what you think it is – a stick for butt-‘selfies’

Date:16 January 2015 Author: William Horne Tags:, , , ,

If you are somehow fortunate enough to not know what a ‘selfie’ is, firstly, please contact Popular Mechanics to let us know how we can also forget about this part of society, and secondly, let us explain, because you’ll need to know before you understand the ‘belfie’.

The ‘selfie’ phenomenon is the result of a mix between technological progress meeting glamorous self-obsession and a growing general inclination towards voyeurism. A mouthful indeed.


So, essentially, it is taking photos of yourself, most often with the front-facing camera of your smartphone. Duck-faces are optional – but we’re not going to explain that, PM’s constitution is not up to it.

‘Belfies’ are the same thing, except you are exercising a need to take photos of yourself, with a special focus on your backside. Now belfies have become so pervasive that opportunistic entrepreneurs at the social networking site seized a chance to exploit a strange quirk in supply and demand.

They have developed the BelfieStick. The device is essentially the same as the Selfie sticks already available that extend the reach of your smartphone to best frame your physique for your latest selfie, but the BelfieStick comes with a bendable arm.

This provides the user with enough mobility to angle the perfect behind-selfie without having to make use of mirrors in bathrooms. The usage of mirrors in bathrooms is apparently such a normal event in the traditional process of taking belfies that users of the BelfieStick have left testimonials on the website like the following:

If you are struggling to comprehend the authenticity of what you are reading, bear in mind that at the moment ALL BelfieSticks are out of stock. Sold out.

You’re obviously just not ‘with it’…’man’.

The device sports a solid attachment for your smartphone which can then reach around a meter away from you, or more by extending. For user convenience there is a Bluetooth button at the grip of the BelfieStick that connects to your smartphone to allow you to snap all the shots you need without having to use a timer.

If you want a BelfieStick, please reconsider.

If you are adamant visit to fill out a form for when they receive new stock.

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