The future has arrived – Slovak flying car receives stamp of approval!

Date:26 January 2022 Author: Micayla Vellai Tags:, ,

If ever you’ve joked about travelling to work in a flying car, you might need to stop dead in your tracks, because Slovakia’s Transport Authority issued a certificate of airworthiness for flying car model AirCar, which means that this baby is now certified to fly.

This follows the successful completion of 70 hours of rigorous flight testing compatible with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards, with over 200 takeoffs and landings.

According to a press statement, the challenging flight tests included the full range of flight and performance manoeuvres and demonstrated a static and dynamic stability in the aircraft mode.

But what about the stats you might ask? Well, this 2-seat dual-mode prototype is powered by 1.6L BMW engine that achieved the crucial certification milestone and took an army of eight specialists to convert design drawings into mathematical models.

“AirCar certification opens the door for mass production of very efficient flying cars. It is official and the final confirmation of our ability to change mid-distance travel forever,” said Professor Stefan Klein, the inventor, leader of the development team and the test pilot.

“50 years ago, the car was the epitome of freedom,” says Anton Zajac, the project cofounder. “AirCar expands those frontiers, by taking us into the next dimension; where road meets sky.”

Dr. Branko Sarh, Boeing Co. Senior Technical Fellow said: “The automated transition from road vehicle into an air vehicle and vice versa, deploying/retracting wings and tail is not only the result of pioneering enthusiasm, innovative spirit and courage; it is an outcome of excellent engineering and professional knowledge.”

In the same vein, René Molnár, the director of the Civil Aviation Division (Transport Authority of Slovakia) said that the Aircar’s combination of top innovations and safety measures defines a new category of a sports car and a reliable aircraft.

The new production model is expected to be certified in 12 months, Raymond Bakker, the ADEPT Technical Director adds.

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Picture: Klein Vision


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