The future is here, robot does manicures in San Francisco

Date:6 July 2021

San Francisco – home of the Golden Gate Bridge and some innovative tech ideas. One such idea has beauty and nail enthusiasts buzzing with the launch of a manicure robot.

According to News24, the innovative idea was launched by tech start-up Clockwork with founder and CEO Renuka Apte, giving some insight into how the idea was born.

“I had this ongoing frustration for many years because I used to do a bunch of beauty routines – nails included – and I would feel like I was spending just a ton of time on them,” says Apte.

While beauticians may shiver at the thought of losing their jobs to a robot, the idea is a useful one during an age of social distancing. However, the need to get your nails done by a professional human being isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon, as Etasha Goodwin, a beauty store owner explains:

“We not only work on your nail health, we do really detailed cuticle work and make everything look really clean, moisturise you, there’s nail art that can be totally customisable – your colours, things that motivate you, make you feel beautiful – and that’s something a robot just can’t provide, unfortunately,” stated Goodwin.

So, how exactly does this manicure robot work?

The first step is to load your cartridge, similar to loading your coffee pod into the machine for your morning coffee. The next step is to place your hand on the hand rest as the machine takes pictures of the person’s finger, building a 3D map. Once completed, the map is sent to an AI, which then indicates to the machine where the edges of the nails are. The algorithm then instructs the robot where to place the polish on the nail, and voila, the final product is beautifully done nails. 

While the contraption does share parallels between a few Black Mirror episodes, there’s no question that having a manicure robot at your disposal is both convenient and cool.

Picture: Unsplash

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