Samsung Galaxy Fold fails to fold 200,000 times

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To suggest the Samsung Galaxy Fold has had a shaky release would be an understatement. It was meant to be the first reliable foldable phone to hit the market. However, a design flaw in the foldable screen lead to the device having to be re-designed, with a new release date set for mid- September 2019. 

Despite the improvements, there were still many question’s surrounding the durability of the device, especially after the initial version of the Galaxy Fold failed so soon after it’s release in April 2019. To test how durable the re-design is, American review website CNET put the device to the ultimate test. 

Streamed live on their Youtube channel, CNET used a folding machine, aptly named FoldBot, to test Samsung’s claims that the smartphone could last 200,000 folds. The test started off well, with the device handling the first 40,000 folds without any problems, which is the equivalent to about a years worth of usage. 

The Galaxy Fold continued to power through the test, quickly passing 80,000 and 100,000 folds without any visible damage. Around the 119,000 fold (about 14 hours) is when the device started to fail, with the hinge losing it’s structural integrity, and one of the screens going completely black. But the torture didn’t end there, as CNET decided to keep on folding the device to 120,169 folds, before finally calling it quits with a tweet saying “The galaxy Fold has stopped working”

In Samsung’s defense, the machine used by CNET was different to the one used by Samsung when they tested the phone. Also, by listening to the audio from CNET’s video, you can clearly hear that the machine is folding the device with quite a bit of force, which may have contributed to the failure of the device. 

While the phone fell short of the expected 200,000 folds set by Samsung, reaching 100,000 folds is no small feat. 100,000 folds means the device would last you well over two years, and based on how often users upgrade their phones, you should be due for an upgrade just as the device starts to show signs of wear. 

Image: Marques Brownlee/Twitter

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