The Google Maps app just got smarter

Date:12 June 2019 Author: Sam Spiller Tags:, , , , , , , , ,

Thanks to new features, the app can now tell you where there are speed cameras along your route and if you are speeding

Gone are the days of map reading and getting lost just for fun. The pace of modernity is simply too fast to take the road less travelled and drivers are constantly looking for shorter, faster routes. Google Maps has become an essential part of most peoples journey’s. The app is practical, convenient and easy to use. Recently, it also just got a bit smarter.

To keep up with the times (and to make sure you are always on time) Google is updating their Google Maps app. One new addition is a feature that tracks your speed. Users can activate the feature in the Navigation Settings menu and a speedometer icon will appear in the bottom corner of the map. This addition, combined with Maps’ knowledge of speed limits on roads, means that the app can notify you when you’re speeding.

That’s not all. The app can also tell you if and where there are speed cameras located along your route. This is thanks to data taken from official traffic sources as well as information feedback from app users. Sound familiar? These new features are part of a collection that have slowly been introduced to Google Maps since the company bought the Waze app in 2013.

Waze is a popular traffic services program that makes use of your mobile device’s GPS to gather information on local traffic. Other features that Google Maps has introduced thanks to Waze, include Incident Reporting and the ability to customize your navigation icon.

The updated version will reach countries including the US, UK, Australia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. The features are reportedly not yet available on the Android Auto platform, though they are available in the Auto app itself, and will be to both Android and iOS users.

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