• The next Apple Pencil could feature haptic feedback

    Date:29 June 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    Since the first generation Apple pencil was released in November of 2015, digital artists around the world seemed to enjoy using this piece of tech. However, one thing the apple pencil could not replicate was the feeling of actually writing on a piece of paper.

    That could all be about to change thanks to a recently discovered a patent filed by Apple. According to reports from Apple World Today, they have found a patent for the Apple Pencil that reveals the tech giants are looking into building a next generation Pencil. This new invention will provide feedback that will feel like writing on a textured surface.

    The Patents description reads as follows- “The haptic feedback can be used to render texture sensations to simulate drawing on a textured surface with the stylus. As such, the same tip that is used to provide inputs can receive haptic feedback during use. The user can continue to use the tip for input even as haptic feedback is also being applied to the tip.”

    There are currently iPad screen protectors on the market that have been designed to recreate the feeling of paper. However, the problem with using most of these ‘textured’ screen protectors is that they ship with a matte finish, which affects how colours are seen through the display. This isn’t ideal for an artist and designers who depend on accurate colouring for their work.

    Image: Pixabay

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