The Nokia 215 just cured your cellular nostalgia

The Nokia 215 is a budget blast from the past, with modern comforts.
Date:6 January 2015 Author: William Horne Tags:, , ,

There are very few logical reasons why we still call our smartphones cell phones. For all intents and purposes we carry around mini computers – the problem is they’re not always so mini, but they are just as fragile as real computers.

And that’s usually when you remember your old brick phones, with their endless battery-life, sturdy reliability, and no-nonsense simplicity.

This might not be the case for everyone, but many people longingly stare into the (often cracked) glowing screen of their smartphones and wish for their old Nokia back. And now that wish has come true.

Nokia just released the brand new 215, and it’s everything the nostalgic among us has longed for.

The Nokia 215 touts a battery with a mind-boggling 29-day stand-by time, 20 hours of talk time, or 50 hours using the built-in MP3 player.

Then, there are the real buttons. Gone will be the days of panic dialling your mother in-law to apologise for the hideous product of an autocorrect failure on your touch screen type pad.

The Nokia 215 is built on the Nokia Series 30+ Software, which runs basic apps that will still allow you to update your status on social media.

Coming in at $29 in the US, the local version, expected within the first quarter of the year, should still firmly fall within the budget-phone category.

So perhaps hold off on getting your parents that phone upgrade for the moment.

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