The Powermat

Date:1 May 2011 Tags:

From cellphones to laptops and even dry-cell-powered torches, we live in a world of rechargeables. Great for Green credentials and economy, perhaps, but there’s a downside: a plethora of charges and their associated cables.

The Powermat avoids the tangle by going wireless. Recharging your cellphone is as simple as placing it on the mains-powered mat, which comes sized for 1, 2 or 3 devices. The phone’s battery “door” is replaced with a supplied replacement that contains a receiver unit. Receivers are available for most popular cellphones; for other kinds of devices, there’s a universal Powercube receiver with several adapters. USB charging is also available. The Powermat is well suited to the traveller thanks to a universal power supply compatible with sources from 100 to 240 VAC. Price: typically about R250 to R300 for receivers, R799 for the Powermat and R350 for the Powercube. Enquiries: Platinum Micro on (011) 553 2600;

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