These glasses claim to cure motion sickness

Date:9 March 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, ,

Motion sickness is one of the worst parts of travelling. Nothing can ruin a trip, from a short car ride to flying, like ending it feeling nauseous.

There have been many cures peddled over the years but these glasses seem to have cracked the case.

Called “boarding glasses” these four lensed googles work to help stop motion sickness before it hits.

The glasses contain a blue liquid which reacts to the movement of the vehicle you’re in. The liquid moves around the eyes in a frontal direction (left-right), and in the sagittal direction (front-back).

This solution assumes the theory that humans get sick from the inconsistent horizon. This theory hypothesises that because the horizon is still and your body is moving, the confusion leads to motion sickness symptoms.

By having the moving liquid, the eyes see a “reality of movement” and so the conflict between the senses disappear.

The glasses were designed by Hubert Jeannin and are produced by the Boarding Ring company. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, Hubert’s son says the prototype was tested by the French navy and was found to be 95% successful in eliminating motion sickness within 10 minutes.

Car company Citroën has also created a pair, which they call the Seetroën glasses, selling for 70 € on their online store, slightly cheaper than the €90 Boarding Ring pair.

Image: Citrën/Twitter

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