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Date:11 February 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:,

We’ve all been there before, rushing to the doctor’s office to get blood taken, just to have the nurse or phlebotomist miss their first few attempts at drawing blood and totally ruin your day. Thankfully, days like these will soon be coming to an end courtesy of researchers from Rutgers and Mount Sinai hospital and their robot specially designed to draw blood.

The process of drawing blood is a relatively easy task if the patient has easy-to-access veins. However, when it comes to drawing blood from someone with hidden, or hard to find veins the process becomes much more difficult. This is when professionals turn to the ultrasound machine to see veins more clearly. As you can imagine, attempting to draw blood, and then having to go and fetch an ultrasound machine can take up valuable time for both the nurse and patient.

According to a statement by the University, published to Rutgers, the blood sampling robot “performed as well or better than people, according to the first human clinical trial of an automated blood drawing and testing device.”

The blood sampling robot skips the unnecessary steps that go into drawing blood and goes straight to using its built-in ultrasound technology to both locate the vein and guide the placement of the needle. The blood-drawing robot also includes a centrifuge-based blood analyzer.

According to Journal Technology, the robot has an “overall success rate of 87 percent for the 31 participants whose blood was drawn. For the 25 people whose veins were easy to access, the success rate was 97 percent.”

While the machine is still just a prototype, researchers believe it could potentially be used in a variety of situations like in emergency rooms for procedures like IV catheterisation or inside an ambulance.

Image: Twitter/@ExactBen

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