• Tikker “death watch”

    Date:17 December 2013 Tags:, ,

    Okay, perhaps the premise is a little weird, but we have to say that the watch itself looks pretty cool – and it’s almost certain to launch a few interesting conversations. Meet the Kickstarter-funded Tikker “death watch”, brainchild of one Fredrik Colting, who apparently he came up with the concept after the death of his grandfather several years ago.

    He explains: “It made me think about death and the transience of life, and I realised that nothing matters when you are dead. Instead, what matters is what we do when we are alive.” (For the record, he prefers to call it a “happiness watch”.) The idea is that you complete a mini-actuarial quiz, enter a number, and the watch immediately starts counting down the remaining seconds of your life.

    Aside from their work on the hardware and software, say the Tikker’s developers, they are looking at the psychological and philosophical aspects of their invention, and attempting to answer such pressing questions as: can the acknowledgement of death make our lives better?


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