Victorinox Night Vision

Date:26 October 2012 Tags:, ,

When it comes to man bling, nothing beats a cool wristwatch. Victorinox’s Night Vision is a case in point. The epitome of cool class, although it has no superfluous elements or show-off gadgetry, it nonetheless has a few tricks up its sleeve – something you’d expect from the guys who gave us the Swiss Army Knife. Three discreetly located low-consumption LED modules in turn light up the dial in a blue glow, signal its presence with a red pulse and, wait for it… provide illumination. That’s right; it incorporates a small torch. You also get quality Swiss-made quartz innards, a stainless steel case with a screwed-in back (making it waterproof down to 50 metres), shatter-resistant hardened sapphire crystal glass and a battery end-of-life indicator. Three dial versions and two strap options are available; R5 500 gets you a leather-strap model and about R6 500 buys you the steel-strap model. Contact distributors Picot and Moss on 011-669 0500 or visit

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