Timex’s Health Tracker

Timex's Health Tracker
Date:1 July 2011 Tags:

Like many determined to battle the bulge this winter, chances are you’ll need a high-tech gadget to help you monitor progress. Timex’s Health Tracker may look like a watch, but it functions more like a personal coach, helping to take the guesswork out of diet and exercise. All you need do is enter your height, weight, age and gender, and the watch does the rest (okay, it doesn’t actually stop you from eating that hamburger, or make you get off the couch, but you get the idea).

It automatically tracks daily activity – including steps, distance and calories burned – by sensing the natural swinging motion of your arm (for the record, this doesn’t include beer-drinking). It provides motivation by displaying your cumulative daily activity and sounds an alert when you’re halfway to your daily goal. A diet diary feature allows you to keep track of what you eat throughout the day. Price: about R800. Contact distributor Just Time on 011-405 3300 or visit www.justtime.co.za

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