Tinder, OK Cupid and Grindr found selling user data

Date:15 January 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, , ,

In the information age it appears no one’s online lives are safe. After major social media sites like Facebook were found to be selling users data to the highest bidder, now dating apps are under fire after a Norwegian civil rights group, the Norwegian Consumer Council, accuse them of selling users data to advertisers.

In a report, the group showed that 10 such apps were selling data such as exact location, sexual orientation, religious and political beliefs and drug use to at least 135 different third-party companies.

This comes after major data regulations were implemented in the west, specifically GDPR which demands stricter controls and permissions around user data. “The adtech industry is operating with out of control data sharing and processing, despite that should limit most, if not all, of the practices identified throughout this report,” said the report.

The 10 apps, not exclusively dating sites, found to be in violation include: Tinder, Grindr, OKCupid, MyDays, Perfect365, Period Tracker Clue, Happn, My Talking Tom 2, Qibla Finder, Wave Keyboard Background.

“Consumers have no meaningful ways to resist or otherwise protect themselves from the effects of profiling (including) different forms of discrimination and exclusion,” the NCC said in a statement.

Image: Leila Stein

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