• TomTom’s Nike+: Join the club

    Date:11 May 2013 Tags:, ,

    We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to sports watches that measure and analyse activity, but TomTom’s Nike+ takes this one step further with a GPS watch that links you to an online community. It allows you to upload workouts for tracking and analysis, helping you to set goals and train smarter.

    Although it’s biased towards running, the Nike+ works reasonably well for cyclists, too, and its waterproofing rating even makes the watch suitable for swimmers. When it’s raining and your only option is to hit the treadmill, the supplied footpod beams every pace to the watch. Oh, and there’s a clever Lap feature: simply tap the top edge of the watch to trigger it. USB connectivity is built into the wristband. Price: about R1 900.

    To find out more, visit nikeplus.nike.com

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