Touchy touchy: iPort CM2000 Control Mount for iPad

iPort CM2000 Control Mount for iPad
Date:15 December 2010

If you’re one of the lucky few who’s already acquired Apple’s latest must-have gadget, the iPad, and are wondering what to do with it (other than enjoying cool multimedia content, that is), here’s a practical suggestion – use it to control your house.

Once installed, the iPort CM2000 Control Mount for iPad allows you to convert your nifty tablet device into a touch panel to manage all the autonomous systems in your house via a local Wi-Fi connection, while charging it at the same time. It securely mounts your iPad into walls using an attractive, discreet frame that is magnetically secured to the in-wall mounting assembly. The iPad’s home button remains accessible, while its power button is replicated on the outer edge of the frame.

The CM2000 supports a variety of downloadable applications for home automation control, as well as common applications such as weather, stocks and news. It facilitates the control of audio, video, lighting, climate and security systems via the mounted iPad when the control application is connected to its compatible control system.

Installation is described as straightforward. However, the power connection must be made by an accredited installer using Cat5 cable, which is run from the rear of the CM2000, through the wall and to the CM2000 in-wall power connecting plate. The wall plate can be installed up to 10 metres away from the iPort, allowing you to place the unit in its most useful location while concealing the power connection elsewhere in the room. Price: about R5 400. Contact Homemation on 011-781 8887 or visit

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