Turkey’s Karpowership offer to bail out SA

Date:5 February 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, ,

In the midst of rolling blackouts and constant load shedding, a Turkish power company named Karpowership has offered help and submitted a plan to the South African government. The proposal would see Karpowership, which forms part of the Karadeniz Group, send down several ships that will assist with the power shortage in the country.

Eskom has been cutting the power due to unreliable coal-fired plants struggling to generate enough electricity to meet demand. As a result, South Africa’s economic growth has been severely stunted.

Karpowership is currently supplying around 4,100MW of power to a number of African nations, along with Cuba, the Middle East, and parts of Asia from its fleet of ships, and now it hopes to add South Africa to that list of countries.

Karpowership has 25 ‘powerships’, all of which were built in its shipyard in Turkey. Each ship is capable of providing a variety of different power options, ranging from 30MW, all the way up to 600MW. In December 2019, South Africa’s National Department of Energy issued a request for information (RFI) to source between 2000 and 3000MW of power generation capacity that will cost little and be connected as quickly as possible.

While speaking to Reuters, Patrick O’Driscoll, global sales director at Karpowership said “We have made a submission to the department as of last Friday (31 January) and they received information on what is possible, where and how we would look to do it,” he then went on to say “We have identified several locations that we believe are potential injection points.”

While discussions are still ongoing between the South African Government and Karpowership, if all goes according to plan South African citizens could soon be saying goodbye to load shedding.

Image: Twitter/ @DenizcilikDergi


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