Uber and Hyundai reveal plans for a flying car

Date:7 January 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

Uber has unveiled its plans, in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Co., for flying cars that will operate as air taxis.

The full-scale prototype of the concept vehicle is on display at the CES technology conference this week.

The flying car is planned to be fully electric, take off and land vertically and be able to seat four passengers. It is expected to fly up to 322 km/h for up to 97 km per charge at around 300-600 meters above the ground. Uber plans to have these vehicles fly autonomously eventually, but have acknowledged the need for a human pilot initially.

The project is part of Uber Elevate, the company’s aerial division.

Alongside the actual vehicle design, Hyundai unveiled concepts for a landing hub and a ground vehicle which will transport people to the flight station. Uber has not released any prices for these flights since the project is still in its early days.

The model is the first step, with Hyundai yet to complete any test flights.

According to My Broadband, Uber said it will conduct the first public demonstration of a flying car this year and allow customers to book aerial rides by 2023. It will first launch in the US, in Texas and California.

On top of the actual physical challenge of building the vehicle, Uber and Hyundai will have to negotiate with the Federal Aviation Administration and other aviation regulatory bodies before being allowed to take to the skies.

Image: Uber

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