Uber introduces PIN verification

Date:26 February 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:,

In an effort to improve safety among both Uber drivers and passengers in South Africa, Uber has introduced a new PIN code system which will be used to help passengers verify their drivers.

To make use of this feature users need to open the application and locate the settings menu, then tap the ‘verify your ride” option. Users then have the option to either use this feature for every trip, or between the times of 21:00 and 06:00.

Once a user has enabled this feature they will receive a unique four-digit PIN-code from within the application while the driver is en-route to their location. Once the Uber has arrived, the passenger must verbally communicate the PIN-code to the driver, who then types it into their app. If the PIN provided to the driver is approved in their application, then that is your correct driver, if however, the PINs do not match, that is not the right Uber driver.

According to Uber country manager Nduduzo Nyand, “It is a great example of how tech can help make travel safer than ever before and will support our efforts to continue to prevent incidents as we work to set the standard for ride-sharing safety.

“This opt-in safety feature will help to ensure that users are getting into the correct Uber before the trip begins.”

While this extra layer of security will improve safety, Uber South Africa still urges all users to double-check driver information like the license plate number, drivers name and photo, and car make and model before getting into a vehicle.

To learn more about Uber’s safety features, click here.

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