UN agency’s web app assists in SA’s fight against COVID-19

Date:22 May 2020 Author: Adrian Brown

An app which helps South Africans identify and assess symptoms of coronavirus and assists in finding hotspots for the virus has been launched by The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and The Global Surgery Foundation (GSF) in partnership with the University of Cape Town’s Global Surgery Division.

The app boasts ease of access, requires very little data, and is user friendly. Moreover, it is available in all local languages.

Not only is it a good tool for those who seek affordable or free medical consultations, it will also be very helpful to the Department of Health.

By focusing on identification, it will assist in controlling the spread of the virus which further allows the government to save in terms of testing capacity – they will prioritise resource allocations. In addition, it will allow for predictions of the spread which furthermore allows for early intervention and the identification of safe zones in which commerce may possibly be restarted.

The web application requires users to answer some brief questions about symptoms, health history, and location. It then provides information and advice about how to proceed based on the results.

For those who have privacy concerns, there is nothing to worry about. The online tool’s data collection is completely anonymous.

According to Biz Community, the app has been launched in SA as a pilot project. They hope to expand to the entire African continent.

Find the app here: http://covid.za.com

Image: Unsplash

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