UPS partners with Wingcopter to develop new delivery drones

Date:25 March 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, ,

In 2019 delivery giants UPS received a boost in its drone delivery department when the Federal Aviation Administration certified its ‘flight forward’ program to allow the company unlimited flights.

Now it looks as though UPS is ready to make even more progress in the field of drone delivery as it has just announced a joint partnership with German drone maker Wingcopter.

As part of the partnership, UPS will assist Wingcopter in getting certification for it already existing drones. The two companies agree that certification is the first step towards making use of drones that are capable of performing a variety of jobs.

A variety of factors went into UPS’s decision to partner with Wingcopter, one being the technology Wingcopter uses in its drones. Wingcopter drones feature a unique ‘tilt-rotor mechanism’ which allows the drone operator to switch between multi-copter and fixed-wing flight modes. This means that Wingcopter’s drones are able to vertically take off and land in tight spaces and then fly quickly and quietly to their next delivery destination.

Another aspect that played into UPS’s decision to partner with Wingcopter is the fact that it has a proven track record in delivering packages to inaccessible places. An example of this is when a Wingcopter drone was tasked with delivering insulin to a remote Irish village in the North Sea that is usually inaccessible due to bad weather conditions.

According to Bala Ganesh of the UPS Advanced Technology Group, “Our collaboration with Wingcopter helps pave the way for us to start drone delivery service in new use-cases. UPS Flight Forward is building a network of technology partners to broaden our unique capability to serve customers and extend our leadership in drone delivery.”

Image: Twitter/Wingcopter

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