UrbanX electric smart wheel for cyclists

  • UrbanX allows you to comfortably pedal or switch between electric modes. Image credit: Designboom
  • Convert any bike to an electric bike with UrbanX electric wheel. Image credit: Kickstarter
  • The compact battery uses an algorithm which let's you work smarter, not harder. Image credit: Kickstarter
  • UrbanX is the first electric bike wheel that comes in 6 sizes and fits almost every bike. Image credit: Kickstarter
Date:22 March 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, , , , ,

Do you want to take your cycling to the next level? Turn any bicycle into electric wheels in minutes with the UrbanX smart wheel. This stylish and economical e-bike solution promises to be a sustainable mode of transportation for cycling enthusiasts and commuters.

The UrbanX team didn’t compromise when it came to the latest technologies in consumer electronics. UrbanX’s patent-pending battery is their secret weapon to an energy efficient e-bike. The removable battery clicks on and off the wheel and can be charged on the go for your convenience. The compact battery uses an algorithm to convert electric energy stored in the battery to kinetic energy from the motion of your wheel. Ultimately UrbanX is able to minimise energy loss, increase output and extend the riding range of your battery.

The aluminium-framed smart wheel offers two electric motors. The Booster edition has a 350W motor with a max speed of 20mph and range of 48 km. The Eco model packs a 240W motor and top speed of 15mph with the same max range on a single battery. All of this is compressed into 6,8 kgs of additional weight that get’s added to your bike.

The integrated Bluetooth connectivity feature in your wheel connects your iOS or Android smartphone to the UrbanX app. You can monitor your distance, speed, and battery life using the app.

Most e-bikes are difficult to pedal, but with the UrbanX front wheel design pedalling is easier. You can access the traditional bike mode or easily alternate between full- or pedal- assist electric modes. Adjust these pedal settings via the app. The bike throttle which attaches to the handlebar is an optional feature that allows you to cruise at the push of a button with no pedalling required.

The UrbanX three step easy installation requires only a wrench and a screwdriver. Click here to see how the UrbanX is installed in just 60 seconds.

According to the UrbanX team it covers 99% of the global bike market and is compatible with rim and disc brakes. So whether you have a mountain bike, bmx or regular bicycle – UrbanX electrical wheel can accommodate you. The project in currently live on Kickstarter and have plans to start shipping in June.

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