USA to test COVID-19 spotting drones

Date:22 April 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, ,

A number of countries around the world have turned to drone technology to try and identify potential carriers of the coronavirus. They achieve this by scanning individuals to see if they have a fever, one of the symptoms of COVID-19.

The latest country to try and implement this method of identification are the USA, more specifically the wider area of New York City.

The drones in question are produced by aerial vehicle-maker Draganfly.

Draganfly’s ‘Coroavirus seeking drones’ feature special sensors and computer vision technology that can identify fever, heart and respiratory rate of individuals from a distance of 190 feet.

They are also able to tell if an individual has coughed or sneezed in a crowded room along with being able to tell the distance between people.

While speaking to Digital Trends, Draganfly CEO Cameron Chell said: “The data tested for use by public safety professionals [is intended] to get a better picture of population health. The technology has been peer-reviewed and clinically researched to help protect potential at-risk groups, such as seniors, crowds gathering at the town and state-owned beaches, train stations, parks and recreation areas.

“Westport is testing the Draganfly health and public safety system to analyze and provide anonymized data on social distancing, heart rate, fever rate, and respiratory behaviour, and doesn’t collect individualized data.”

New York City, and more so Westport where the drones are being tested currently, has the most confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US, upwards of 17,550 at time of publication.

Image:Twitter/ DraganflyInc.

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