Usembleit’s Premier Garden Shed ZA 30232 GK

Usembleit's Premier Garden Shed ZA 30232 GK
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We all like our gardens to look neat and tidy, but getting to that result requires lots of paraphernalia – which often ends up scattered all over the place, achieving the opposite effect. Well, Usembleit’s Premier Garden Shed ZA 30232 GK is large enough to stash bulky items such as your wheelbarrow, mulching machine and lawnmower, with room to spare (it measures 3 m x 2,3 m x 2,06 m). But, as it’s made out of Zincalume steel sheeting and has hinged doors, it’s strong – so everything inside can be safely locked away for additional security.

Supplied in a flat pack, it’s swiftly assembled thanks to a patented snap-together system. And, unlike traditional garden sheds, no wood is used in the design, so it’s completely maintenance-free and comes with a 15-year guarantee. Price: about R5 000 (excluding postage). Contact Usembleit on 0860 766 346 or visit

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