Classy commuter

Classy commuter
Date:1 October 2010 Tags:

Leaving the gas guzzler parked at home in favour of an eco-friendly commute doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Vespa’s GTV 300 Via Montenapoleone scooter reinterprets the timeless style elements of its 1950s predecessor, though in a decidedly more modern design.

Yes, the classic styling of early Vespas is unmistakable. Fortunately, its engine performance is right up to date. The four-stroke 278 cm3 single-cylinder, which features fuel injection and liquid cooling, has pick-up and acceleration optimised for stop-start city commuting. Unlike modern scooters that are made out of welded tubular frames clad with plastic panels, the GTV 300’s body is made out of one solid chunk of metal. This gives it much more rigidity than cheaper two-wheelers – and that translates into better rider control and protection. Other features include automatic transmission and disc brakes with dual piston callipers on both wheels. Oh, and it’s not only stylish, but frugal, too: fuel consumption is 2,86 litres/100 km at a steady 70 km/h. Price: about R90 000. Visit

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