Vinyl makes a big comeback

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  • Crosley Collegiate
  • Crosley-Revolution
  • ION-IT27-Vertical-Vinyl-wall-mounted-turntable
  • ProJect-Debut-Carbon-2M-R.
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Sales of vinyl have grown steadily over the past five years, and record players are catching up, with many more units sold in 2011 than in 2010 (sales have actually doubled in the US). Maybe it’s time to tune out iTunes and turn on the turntable. By JENNINGS BROWN

For the DJ
Audio-Technica AT-LP120
In 2010, Panasonic stopped making the granddaddy of all DJ turntables, the Technics SL-1200. Audio-Technica fills the void with a near-replica
of the coveted machine, retailing for considerably less.

Fot the nostalgist
Crosley Collegiate
Spin back the wheels of time to the 1950s with this three-speed, hotrod-inspired player.

For the minimalist
Crosley Revolution
A record player that fits in your bag – take that, iPod! If you want a turntable, it’s usually go big or go home, but with the Revolution, you can easily rip your
buddy’s entire vinyl collection to MP3s.

For the Space saver
ION IT27 Vertical
Vinyl wall-mounted turntable
That’s right: wallmounted. Screw the record in, then watch it spin like a musical clock. Batteries are a pain in the acetate but better than ugly cords.

For the aesthete
ProJect Debut Carbon 2M-R
This sleek player isn’t just about good looks. It provides the best sound quality in this price bracket, thanks to a carbon-tube tone arm
usually found on highend turntables.

As kids, my brother Stevie Ray and I listened to records on our Montgomery Ward portable turntable, but now I’ve got a Technics. Vinyl is back because
people want something from an easier time, something private. And it doesn’t hurt your brain; there’s no Wi-Fi going through your bones.” – Jimmie Vaughn. Texas guitar legend


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