Vivitek Qumi Led HD pocket projector

Date:9 January 2013 Tags:, ,

Life is full of compromise. For example, do you get your mates to cluster around your phone’s tiny screen, or do you lug a bulky projector to the party? Vivitek’s Qumi Led HD pocket projector solves this dilemma. Weighing only 635 g, and small enough to fit inside a laptop bag or coat pocket, it can be used with a variety of devices, including (but not limited to) cameras, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Producing a useful 300 lumens, it’s capable of projecting sharp 2,3 m-sized images from its maximum distance of 3 metres. Featuring DLP Link technology courtesy of Texas Instruments, it seamlessly shares data and content with active 3D glasses, making it great for gaming on the fly. Connectivity options include mini-HDMI, universal I/O, AV mini-jack, USB and micro SD. The lamp should last for up to 30 000 hours. Price: about R7 000. Contact The Gadget Shop on 012-346 2726 or visit

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